make ai work for you



We fit our solutions to your problem, not vice versa

Over the years we have seen that many viable projects in the automation space suffer poor execution because they are forced to fit the wrong technology stack, execution or billing model. We believe in partnering with our clients, rather than acting as an arms length vendor. Hence, we have devised a number of different models that can be personalized to your specific problem or opportunity. We see most of our clients shifting through those models as our relationship matures. Are you interested to see how we can help you?

Advisory Services

We will engage some of our most experienced resources to help you understand your problem/opportunity space, design strategies, build plans and navigate this seemingly complex space. This offering is specifically tailored to those, who do not have a concrete product specification or problem in mind, but would like to explore what AI can do for them. We organize discovery workshops, design sprints, and training sessions to help you get to shared understanding of AI's potential

Feasibility studies / Proof of Concept

We will help you model your data sets and rapid-prototype solutions. The objectives of this engagement is to provide a proof of concept or better understanding on what and how can be built and how much it would cost. We do this exercise in a time-boxed manner so as to explore the viability while keeping costs at a fixed level. The outcome is a clear specification and estimation for full scale deployment of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions as well as a live working implementation of one model that we deem risky to showcase the accuracy of results that can be achieved

Time and Materials

We will resource your team and ensure periodic delivery of results. We will devise a fixed monthly payment plan based on your team needs, budget and product timeline. This is a way to ensure predictable costs in an agile context while at the same time enabling you to work with world-class practitioners and scientists

Venture building

Our team will partner closely with yours to help you ideate and build opportunities from zero to funding. We will support you with a mixed team of AI experts and seasoned full-stack engineers. Throughout this journey, we will share risks with you, while delivering product success. We usually engage on this model with angel or seed-funded startups and corporate venture programs