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We help you understand and build intelligent technology!

We are a tightly knit team that Designs, Develops, and Deploys Custom Automation Solutions! Our highly skilled and experienced Product Managers, Data Scientists, and Hackers are determined to help you identify and capture the opportunity for automation and advanced analytics within your organization. We believe in a future where Intelligent Machines augment human capabilities to produce value beyond comprehension. We help you bring that future closer to Today!



What we can do for you:

Advanced Analytics & Anomaly Detection

Pattern and trend recognition - working with structured and unstructured data sets, our algorithms help you classify input data into objects or classes based on key features

Automated anomaly detection - as part of pattern recognition, we identify items, events or observations which do not conform to an expected pattern or other items in a dataset

Alert systems - as trends and outlier observations are identified, we can create trigger-based alert systems that inform your other systems about the observations

Natural Language GEneration

Personalized chatbots - boost your user/customer engagement and save cost using a conversational interface to handle FAQ, customer support and product discovery

Advanced text generation - useful for automated reporting/messaging for mass-personalized communication. Highly effective for summarizing and reporting numeric data

Conversational search- reduce your churn by employing conversational search and objective-based product discovery

Optimization and Automated DSS

Machine learning-based optimization - we use the latest advances in AI to solve process and resource optimization problems for your business

Automated Decision Support Systems - Combining pattern recognition, optimization and alert systems, we are enable action recommendation and full process automation

Intelligent Systems - we help you design and deploy systems that collect and process data, and interact with other systems to create business value

Predictive modelling

Automated point estimation - employ advanced statistics in your digital systems. Use predictive modelling to inform or alert other systems in place

Trend forecasting - make better, more confident decisions by taking a glimpse into the future. Our predictive modelling systems can help you perform what-if analysis and improve decision quality

Natural language processing

Automated text categorization - extracting structured data from unstructured text through auto-tagging and classification

Sentiment analysis - emotional tagging of text data, which has strong implications for marketing and recruitment

Machine translation - automated translation applied to your organization's specific business constraints

Automated search engine optimization - using machine learning to SEO optimize your digital properties

Image processing

Image classification - extract more data from your image and video assets. Classify, structure and analyze image data with little or no human input

Document parsing - convert image to text with ease. Digitalize your company's documentation and enable other analytics approaches


Engagement models:

We engage our clients in a variety of formats, ranging from pure-play consultancy to risk-sharing and corporate venture building. See below for more details

Advisory Services

We will help you understand the opportunity or problem space for AI within your organization. Under NDA, we will run workshops and look at your organization's relevant data repositories and data streams and devise robust strategies to create and capture value.

Feasibility studies / Proof of concept

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning it is often difficult to create accurate expectations before you've worked with the real data. To manage this with low-risk, we provide time-boxed packages to explore the viability, costs, and efforts required to deploy full scale solutions. They range from 1 to 8 weeks and involve creating and deploying a working model, that can be showcased to stakeholders. 

Time and Materials

We will resource your team and ensure periodic delivery of results. We will devise a fixed monthly payment plan based on your team needs and product development plan. This is a way to ensure predictable costs in an agile context

Venture building

Our team will partner closely with yours to build opportunities from conception to funding. Throughout this journey, we will share risks with you, while delivering product success. We usually engage on this model with seed-funded startups and corporate venture programs


We organize the AI conversation:

Ai.Works runs Sofia’s summit

We bring you Sofia AI - a community of startups, corporates and academics in the AI sphere focus on understanding the current state of these technologies, its value add for businesses, and what is in store for the near future. Our recurring gatherings provide talks and round tables to reveal trends, industry insights and practicable approaches of applying technologies around the analysis of text, audio, image, video, and structured data.

Check out the highlights of our most recent summit. -->


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